As HMP works towards becoming more self sufficient, HMP Director Staivous Mulumba is using his agricultural skills for a new income generating project for HMP, the growing of tomatoes. Overseen by HMP worker Morgan, the 1st crop has been very successful. During my recent visit Mike Lampard was able to see first hand how the project was being managed. Furrows allow for irrigation of the crop, and land has been prepared for the 2nd crop to be planted.

Tomatoes were chosen as a crop because they have a quick turn around time compared to maize and there is demand in the marketplace. Due to colder than normal weather this year many local crops have struggled, leading to an increased price per box. The variety planted by Staivous has stood up well to the cooler weather, and the price has risen from 40,000 kwacha (approx $10) per box to 100,000 ($25). It is hoped that future crops will enable HMP to be more self sufficient.