Chibobo Basic School is the centre of the Chibobo community. It caters for students from Year 1 to Year 9. It has an enrolment of almost 500 students. It is located on the main road in from the highway.
                           Chibobo Basic School Classrooms                    Mike Lampard (Overnewton College) and
      teacher Stephen at the entrance to Chibobo Basic Schools

Donations from Overnewton College and Help Ministries Project have enabled Chibobo Basic School to improve the facilities and resources available to the students:

Teachers have been trained through the support of Overnewton College and the Victorian Independent Education Union (VIEU).
                     Pride Kalunga, trained with funds from VIEU

Extra Classrooms have been built and renovated:
Classroom before renovation, September 2009 Newly renovated classroom, September 2009

Resources and training in their use have been organised by Overnewton College.
    Children enjoying newly supplied books            Training the local teachers  Resources provided for Chibobo Basic School

A group from St. Mary’s Anglican Church, Sunbury, Australia, constructed a playground at Chibobo Basic School in 2008 after a request from the Head Teacher. Chibobo were the first school in the area to have a playground, and they reported that attendances have increased as a result.