St Mary’s Anglican Church, Sunbury (from Melbourne, Australia) has begun a ministry of encouragement and teaching to the Christian Churches of Chibobo.
The Chibobo community consists of a number of churches including the Chibobo Community Church at the HMP Orphanage, United Church of Zambia, New Apostolic Church, Old Apostolic Church, Catholic, Seventh Day Adventist and Baptist Churches plus others.

In July 2008, while on a Mission Trip from St Mary’s, the Reverend Gavin Ward and Mike Lampard at the request of HMP leadership, conducted an impromptu training programme over two sessions for about 25 pastors and elders from these churches. The training included a session on “How to Read the Bible” and some leadership training using “Growing Leaders” material from England. 

As a result of these sessions, an Executive Group of Inter-church leadership was formed to organise regular gatherings for prayer, study and fellowship between churches. The Executive sent a request to St Mary’s for more training for the leaders of this remote community.

 In July 2009, Gavin returned, with his wife Vicki, and they conducted an inaugural Biblical Leadership Course over 5 days at the HMP Orphanage. This location was chosen as the Dining Room at the Orphanage is the largest building in the area. The logistics of the course were organized by the Executive of the Inter-Churches. Over 60 local pastors and elders attended the training with 56 graduating, having attended 3 or more days.

 As part of this visit, Gavin was also able to organise, through a God inspired divine appointment with Bonnie Cain from Tyndale Publishers (USA) the provision of NIV Study Bibles for many of these pastors. In addition full Bemba Bibles were also provided for many.
More requests have been received for further teaching and training and, God willing, it’s hoped this may take place to encourage these church leaders.

Chibobo Church Leaders at the Growing Leaders Training – July 2008 Rev Gavin Ward with the Chibobo Inter-Churches Leadership – July 2009 Rev Gavin Ward teaching at the 2009
Biblical Leadership Course with Pastor Joseph Kalunga translating.
Mike Lampard and Rev Gavin Ward with Chibobo Church Leaders – July 2008 Chibobo Church Leaders at the 2009 Biblical Leadership Course Leadership Training 2008