The medical clinic at Chibobo has been constructed by the community, with funding provided by Overnewton Anglican Community College, Australia and directed by Help Ministries Project.  The land was generously given to the community by the local chief. It is located on the main road, opposite the Chibobo Basics School. Built of locally made & fired bricks, with a metal roof, the clinic provides access to much needed medical facilities in this remote area.

The clinic, to be opened early in 2010, consists of a waiting area, medical officer’s room, treatment/store room and reception. Toilets have been constructed, and a medical officer’s house built. The clinic is staffed by a medical officer and nurse.

The clinic is powered by a 1kw solar system

Even before its opening the clinic has become the centre for medical activity in the Chibobo community. Pre- and Ante- Natal clinics have been held on the site. This is a vast improvement from the previous arrangements. An open sided thatched building was all that was available for the clinics to  be held, and most of the community only had access to medical treatment if they travelled to Serenje, over 20km away.

medical building medical building
Medical clinic Clinical officers house

For more information, a clinic plan can be found here.