The Chibobo Community is located in the Central Province of Zambia, and is over 20km from the nearest town, Serenje. Chibobo has no power or running water. What the community lacks in facilities it makes up for in its determination to work together to improve their lives. However, life in Zambia is tough, and any assistance that can be given to the Chibobo Community is appreciated.

Assistance comes in many forms:

    * Financial sponsorship & gifts.
This can be in the form of a regular contribution or a one-off gift. Please see the details under the ‘Sponsorship’ tab. Financial support is handled by Overnewton Anglican Community College, Australia.  A committee overseas the distribution of funds in response to requests from the Chibobo community via Help Ministries Project.

    * Prayer Support.
Chibobo is a Christian community and a people of deep faith.  Please pray for the leadership of the community and for the work being undertaken.

    * Voluntary work.
Help Ministries Project welcomes the support of others in helping to improve the lives of the community. There are always plenty of projects to be completed, and skills can be imparted to a community eager to learn. Accommodation can be provided for those who want to work at Chibobo for an extended period. If you are interested in doing voluntary work at Chibobo please contact either the Director of Help Ministries Project , Mr Staivous Mulumba (see Contact tab) or Mike Lampard at Overnewton College,