HMP was founded by the Late Abeauty Chibuye in 1995 with fourteen church members from Mkushi Christian Church (MCC). HMP is affiliated with Mkushi Christian Community Church, which is located in Mkushi at Chengelo Secondary School. The current director of HMP is Mr. Staivous Mulumba.

In 2002 HMP came to realize that fighting poverty and eliminating illiteracy can only be achieved by targeting the orphans in the community. Therefore, the same year HMP opened a pre-school which was offering education to orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in the community.

 In 2003 HMP upgraded the school from pre-school to grade five (5). The pre-school opened with 20 orphans who were borders with 60 non-borders. 

In 2004 the number of boarding orphans increased to thirty and non boarding orphans increased to 100. In the same year HMP became in contact with an Australian Volunteer teacher who was very impressed with the work HMP was conducting in the community. 

In 2005 HMP introduced a census program in the Chibobo community. A census of all households within a 7km radius of HMP was taken. The results showed there were 500 orphans in the community. In same year the construction of a dormitory and a dining hall commenced with an Australian embassy fund. This development was aided by Kevin Gilbert, a volunteer teacher at Serenje High School and was in partnership with HMP.  

The construction of the dormitory and dining hall was completed in late 2006.  Due to a change in director of HMP, the dormitory was not opened until September of 2007. Currently HMP Orphanage is funded by Overnewton Anglican Community College and St Mary’s Anglican Church from Australia. They sponsor the HMP orphanage, which currently supports 60 children. HMP's goal is to eventually increase this to 100.

For the most current and updated information please email the director, Mr Staivous Mulumba, at staivousmulumba@hmp.org.