We started ploughing the field of the Tomato last week Wednesday. We are likely to plant on Wednesday afternoon. We are starting with one field & the other field will be planted in June. Since we are late we are only buying seedlings that we help us to plant on Wednesday.


Be blessed.




I am very happy with your high concern for HMP and the Chibobo community regarding the humanitarian development. May I inform you that the Night School which will you have funded has attracted 97 members and was commenced yesterday with two teachers Memory and Pride. I officially opened the Night School on Saturday 27th. The night school will really help the Chibobo community to benefit directly from you where education is concerned. I am so impressed that the high number are women and this will help our community to reduce illiteracy.

For the past two months we have staying with us an American Peace Corp Volunteer. She is staying at the Orphanage Center where Mr. Diswell was staying. She is very helpful to me and also to the community - her name is Ashley Anderson. She is helping the community to configure out the problem we have regards the clinic. I will come back to you regards this issue as I know that i need to update you about the situation of the Clinic Projects.


Dear Mike,

Thank you very much with your team for being there to continue helping Chibobo Orphanage in many ways. Without your assistance Chibobo Orphanage can not be operated. We are very happy that from your assistance we have managed to run the Orphanage for eighty (8) years now. It's not an easy thing for a Zambian to raise a child up to grade 8 (Year 8). But we have done it through your fully sponsorship about 5 Orphans are now in grade 8 performing well. I really thank to my almighty God who have been with you all during the hard time of raising funds and other support to Chibobo Orphanage.


It has becoming a huge achievement for us for approving the funds for tomato Production. We understand that it was not an easy thing to raise these funds but may I shall you that these funds will take us a long way. We failed to utilise the funds we received in November to start Tomato production. From last month Tomato has been coming very expensive were a box was sold at 150,000ZMK in Lusaka and copperbelt. And the field we planned it would be producing about 200boxes per week on which we would have been making 30,000,000ZMK per week. We really thank you with your team for this support and other projects that will be funded. It is a good idea of Funding us in May for the Orphan Care this will help us to plan very well as this is when we open the second term.


Hi Mike,

It's my pleasure to thank the all team who have make it to visit Chibobo Orphanage this year 2010. Their visit will be very important to HMP and Chibobo Community. We understand that it was not easy for them to make up decision of visiting chibobo due to other circumstances beyond their schedule but they have made it. Due to this I have humbled and respect their decision and i thank our almighty Lord for encouraging them. May the lord bless you and protect, may the lord smile on you and be gracious to you and may our lord show you all his favour and give you all his peace.


The projects for St Mary's will be the same one which we proposed from last year.

1. The renovation of the Church will be the first priority among three projects that we are proposing from your side.

2. The replacing of low watts power at Orphanage center is one of the projects that we would like your team to help us.

3. The last one is the reconstruction of the Play ground for Chibobo orphanage.



I hope you received the requisites of requirements for this project .



For this Projects we have to replace the new poles, cables and Low watts bulbs. For poles they have now last for 6 years now and they have been damage by termites and also for too much of rain fall that we have been receiving this year. We have tried to replace some poles which dangerous to the children that was nearly to fall down.



The playground poles also have been damaged this has also last for 6 years which needs replacements. Also the Play ground needs to increase it in size since it was planned for 30 children now we have 60 now. What is needed is to construct the new one. I hope we are not loading the team to much work to be done here, if we are loading please do not hesitate to mail me back.


If it can be possible with funds i was thinking of up grading the Guest House before there coming to chibobo this year. I was thinking of placing window glass sheets, Bathing basins, and plastering outside. Please if this can not be possible let us not consider it.



Dear Mike,

I was very glad when I received a mail concerned visiting chibobo this year from your side. This will be greatest achievement to me and HMP as well of being with you for a good period of time.


Am very happy with your plan what you will intend to do once i will be with you here. I would like if it will be possible you and me to visit some Orphans guardians so that you can see were they leave and the life the experience in their homes. This will be very important to me as it will help me and you to plan more about these Orphans. Some Orphans who are double their life has become so difficulties especially this time when there is no food in their homes. I am very happy that this will help me to explain about the five year plan for HMP which will be easy for you to understand since you will be here.



We have been receiving normal rainfall for the past 1/2 month. But this time we are lacking rainfall in other places like here it's now about 2 weeks since when we received rain. Comparing the temperature we are getting low temperature as if we are in the cold season. Hopefully the weather pattern will change and we shall continue receiving the rain. We have grown Maize and Soya beans and we have continued keeping Chickens to our Farm.

The Orphans who wrote their grade (year) 7 examination have all passed to grade (Year) 8. For these children we are required to buy Uniforms, Books, Slashes and School Fees for everyone. We are waiting to receive the acceptance letters in order to guide us what is needed for them. In Zambia we have free education up to grade (year) 7 only. Therefore, we shall start paying school fees for these children.

May I also take this opportunity to inform you that the council through local government of Zambia have finally given as the Industrial Land for the Workshop Project. I confirmed this after their meeting which they sat on 13th December to approve the land interviews with four Ministers of Zambia. For this effort I am thanking you for the good work you are doing to us which has let me to learn more things from your team.

Lastly may this be my pleasure of appreciating to all HMP partners in Australia who have delivered development to our Organization. I will be in touch very soon regards what was done in 2009 and analyzing our failures.

God bless you and Happy New year to all.